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Vote No On Measure M

The Labor Community Strategy Center

and our Strategy & Soul Movement Center

Urges Racial justice, Social Justice

and Climate Justice Advocates

to Join us in defeating the MTA’s racist Measure M

MLK R2.cdr

Measure M is a Racist Regressive Sales Tax

Measure M is a Forever Tax

MTA is attacking Black and Latino Passengers with Stop and Frisk

The MTA is waging an attack on Black Riders

Black people—19% of Metro riders

55% of all LA Metro fare citations, fines and arrests

The MTA is sabotaging the Crenshaw Subway Project

Measure M is for gentrification and displacement

If it passes Black South LA Residents will be replaced by rich white people

Measure M is a disaster for our health and for the planet

Vote No on Measure M and Vote Yes on Free Public Transportation

Join our Campaign Today

Call Barbara Lott Holland and Channing Martinez 213-387-2800

We’ll be here and we’d love to speak with you

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