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Malo, Murder, Maniac, Misconduct, Metro, Measure M, Moran, Mean... All Bad, Just #VoteNoOnMeasureM Click To Tweet
No Murder #NoStopAndfrisk #NoForeverTax #NoMoreHighWays It's Simple: #NoOnMeasureM Click To Tweet
#SuperPasajera-The First Black Working Class Super Hero is Voting #NoOnMeasureM Click To Tweet
Have you taken a look at the Argument against Measure M Click To Tweet
Today's Letter of day is M for Murder #VoteNoOnM #NoOnMeasureM @FightSoulCities Click To Tweet
Why EYCEJ Opposes Measure M | Fighting For Life! #noonM @NoForeverTax #MeasureM #transitapartheid @laura_nelson Click To Tweet

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