Grassroots Global Justice and the World March of Women

March 8th International Working Women’s Day Action Meet at City Hall 11:30 A.M. 200 N Spring Street

“Women Leaders and Women’s Liberation Black and Latino Liberation and the liberation of all women Stop all U.S. violence against women in the family, community, workplace, prisons, ICE detention centers, by the traffickers and the police, in the army, by the army. Stop U.S. violence against women in the Third World and all over the world.”

We Join with AF3IRM & Ovarian Psyco-Cycles

  • March begins at City Hall: free clinics for women’s reproductive health including the right to abortion and protection against forced sterilization
  • March to the LAPD HQ: protest state and police violence against women
  • Free all women prisoners at Lynwood jail for women—free the U.S. 2.5 million


  • Federal Bldg: Stop all U.S. drone attacks, invasions, murders of civilians,

    torture. Stop the trafficking in women in the Third World and all over the world

  • ICE Detention Center: stop all U.S. attacks on immigrant women, men, and

    children, open borders and amnesty for all immigrants

  • March ends at Mariachi Plaza: Protest the MTA’s role as a real estate

    gentrifier. The Mariachi Plaza is beautiful but who will be able to afford to live there? How many families will be evicted? Stop the MTA’s gentrification of our neighborhoods.

    Call 213-387-2800 for more information. |