Right now, five key fights are in motion.

Your donation will help us immediately hit the ground running with all five in 2014.

We can do it with a movement. That means you.

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Our five fights:

• Climate Justice Now! No Cars in LA.
• Stop criminalization of Black and Brown youth!
• End racist zero-tolerance. Create Supportive Schools.
• End LA’s transit stop and frisk! Free student Bus Pass!
• Working class, immigrants, youth, and LGBTQ at the front.

You know and we know what our cities face: a polluting, privatizing, policing and mass incarceration agenda. But you share the vision-cities by and for their working class Black and Latino majorities. Led by organizers like Ashley Franklin, Rosa Miranda, Ron Collins, we know we can win neighborhoods and schools made safe by jobs and resources, not cops. And 24-hour, free zero-emissions mass transit.

You know our hope-to build an independent grassroots left movement not to soften the edges of our increasingly unforgiving cities, but to transform them altogether.

That’s why every single member of our staff is fired up to raise $15K in the next 15 days.

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