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 No Cars in L.A. and the U.S. No Tanks in L.A. and the U.S.

The Climate Justice State Not the Warfare State

The Social Welfare State Not the Police State

Vote No on MTA Ballot Measure M

Stop Genocide Against The Black Nation

The Problem is not just the Police — The Entire System is falling apart

The Strategy Center and The Dignity in Schools Campaign is meeting with the Department of Justice to Demand an end to the 1033 Program

• Cut Police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol budgets by 50% Now

• Cut U.S. GHG emissions by 50% of 1990’s levels Starting Now 

• End the Department of Defense 1033 Program Nationwide

• Bus-only lanes, auto-free zones, days, and rush hours 

• No Stop and Frisk on Public Transportation — No Police or Fare Inspection on Public Transportation

• Vote No on MTA’s Measure M and Repeal Measure R

• No Fare — Free Public Transit

• Restore 1 million hours of bus service 

• Expand the bus fleet to 5,000 zero-emissions buses 24/7 bus service

• Moratorium on all Rail and Highway projects 

• Support the Crenshaw Subway Coalitions’ demand to Build the Park Mesa Heights Tunnel

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Twitter: @FightSoulCities

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