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LCSC, DOT, MTA Correspondences

November 14, 2016 The Strategy Center Submits Complaint:

The Strategy Center Submits DOJ & DOT Civil Rights Complaint Against the LACMTA

Department of Transportation to Labor Community Strategy Center: We’ve received your Federal Complaint

Correspondence DOT to LCSC: Receipt of Title VI Complaint

December 1, 2016 Department of Transportation to Los Angeles County Metro: Receipt of Title VI Complaint

Correspondence DOT to LACMTA: Receipt of Title VI Complaint

Labor Community Strategy Center Press Statement: We’ve submitted a Federal Complaint

Press Statement: U.S. Department of Transportation Launches Investigation of LACMTA

Department of Transportation to Metro, CC Labor Community Strategy Center: This is to notify you that the DOT has accepted the formal complaint against the LACMTA

DOT to LACMTA: Launch of Investigation

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to Department of Transportation: Formal Response to Meeting w/ LCSC

Correspondance: LACMTA to DOT January 26th, 2017

Labor Community Strategy Center to Department of Transportation: LCSC’s formal response to the meeting with MTA

LCSC formal response to the meeting with MTA

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