June 19, 2015

Eric Mann, Director
Manny Criollo, Director Labor/Community Strategy Center

3780 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1200 Los Angeles, CA 90010

Dear Sirs:

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Office of the Superintendent, is in receipt of your letter dated May 15, 2015, pertaining to the Los Angeles School Police Department’s (LASPD) participation in the Department of Defense (DoD) “1033 Program” and related requests of equipment inventory and oversight.

The Los Angeles School Police Department discontinued their participation in the DoD “1033 Program.” This decision was made prior to the release of the May 2015 Presidential Executive Order 13688 working group recommendations limiting or restricting law enforcement agencies nationwide participation in the aforementioned program. The LAUSD and the LASPD respect the findings and recommendations of the published report.

As previously mentioned in a correspondence to your organization on January 13, 2015, the number one priority is educating our students and ensuring a safe and secure environment for that process to take place. Ensuring safety on our campuses also requires the ability for our police officers who serve this District to be properly trained and equipped to respond to any potential life-threatening or armed encounters that may occur on our campuses or safe passages.

All weapons and equipment currently maintained in the inventory of the LASPD are weapons and equipment that are “standard” civilian police force grade. The equipment currently maintained is essential life-saving items that will remain for life-saving purposes.

While the LAUSD and the LASPD have taken action to discontinue its involvement with the “1033 program,” it is not within our purview or scope of authority to recommend or encourage other municipal or county law enforcement agencies to reevaluate, alter or change their operational policies. We believe that the newly-published Presidential Executive Order Committee’s recommendations provide the necessary guidance and policy direction for all law enforcement agencies to follow.

As to your other inquiries within your correspondence, the LASPD maintains an accurate and complete list of all weapons and equipment within their inventory. The Office of the Superintendent and the Board of Education will review the current inventory to ensure that all items are within the best interest of student, staff, community and officer safety.

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Your request for an itemized list of police equipment will be forwarded to the proper channels within LAUSD and processed within the current laws, policies and procedures for all Public Records Act requests consistent with the State of California Government Code.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Office of the Superintendent at 213-241-7000, or the Office of the Chief of Police at 213-202-4508.


Ramon C. Cortines Superintendent of Schools

c: Members, Board of Education Michelle King
David Holmquist
Chief Steven Zipperman