The growing outcry and struggle to bring an end to state sanction violence against the Black community is on the rise. We stand in solidarity with the national day of action under the slogan #StoptheWaronYouth coordinated by the Alliance for Educational Justice, Journey for Justice and other youth national alliances.

An important arena in that battle is the demand to Demilitarize LAUSD – No Tanks in LA. We are calling on the LAUSD and its Los Angeles School Police Department to end the collaboration with counter-insurgency programs and expanding militarization of police with the Department of Defense 1033 Program.

We want to end the school year with a strong action to call on the LAUSD to: 

  • Document and delineate all military weapons and materials purchased and those received from the Department of Defense and other federal programs
  • End LASPD and LAUSD participation with the 1033 Program
  • Agree that the LASPD as a matter of public policy destroy all weapons, not transfer them to other communities
  • Work with us to urge other school boards to do the same
  • Work with us to urge the LAPD and LA Sheriff’s Department to end their participation with the 1033 Program
  • Establish Black and Latino Community-Control of LA School Police Department

As Black youth in Ferguson and across the country have courageously taken the streets to demand justice for Michael Brown and helping to spark the reconstruction of a new freedom movement. It has inspired a worldwide people’s movement to reject police murder of Black men and women, the criminalization and incarceration of Black and Brown communities and the growing suppression of protest and organizing through militarizing police and counterinsurgency politics.

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